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Thinking of getting a rabbit?

http://www.makeminechocolate.org/rabbithome.php for some fun advice on how to keep your

rabbit healthy and happy


 Rabbits should be kept in pairs as they are very sociable creatures - male and female neutered pairs work best!

 Did you know? Rabbits will learn their names, come when called and can be house trained

 Outside runs should be at least 8ft x 4ft but a garden or bunny paddock is best!

 Did you know? Rabbits should get as much exercise as a small dog every day.

 Favourite toys include boxes, willow sticks, tunnels and baskets!

 Female rabbits should be neutered to avoid ovarian cancer - the biggest reason for death

 When a bunny skips (or binky!) then it's really happy! Stomping usually means trouble....

 Vaccinations against Myxi is vital, VHD can also be a good vaccination to choose.